How we Teach?

We teach and train people through video lectures professionally prepared with the learner's needs in mind, lecture notes, one on one video lessons, face to face lectures and practicals strategically scheduled, assignments, tests and so much more.

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A Safe Place For Young People

We offer lessons in all secondary school subjects: science, arts, commercial, technical subjects and more. Our website and study environment as a whole is a safe place for youths at this critical stage in life.

Keep Your

Chilldren Entertained and Learning

We have lessons to teach primary school children mathematics, spelling. reading and other valuable skills like drawing and painting.


For Everyone

We have lessons for all levels of Cameroon's Education system, for all age groups: Extra lessons for students currently registered in normal schools preparing to write public exams; working class adults etc


Learn A Trade

Through our Live-Skill school, you can learn a trade like: Internal Decoration, skin care and beauty, Leadership, public speaking, tailoring, etc. Join Asanji Academy For Global Conquest now.

Our Programs

We offer lectures and training in the following domains

Primary School

These lessons are for:

  • Children in Primary school
  • Secondary school students with difficulties in reading, writing etc.
  • Adults wishing to learn how to read and write
  • Primary school teachers looking to get new ideas on how to command their pupils' attention and interest
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Secondary School Subjects

  • Students registered in regular day schools
  • People interested in sitting for public exams, but not attending any other schools.
  • Students who have been out of school for a long time, now wish to return, or have returned and are facing difficulties.
  • People who have jobs, but wish to return to school, but only have limited time.
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Practical Lessons

We offer a variety of pratical lessons for:

  • Students of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • People studying subjects like engineering in school, and need some hands on training
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Live Skill School

This is where you can learn a trade like:

  • Internal Decoration
  • Tailoring
  • Skin care and beauty
  • Herbal clinic etc.
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